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August 30, 2012

Shooting The Tube

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August 29, 2012

We're NASA and We Know It

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August 28, 2012

I'm the boss here!

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August 27, 2012

Festival of Colors

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August 24, 2012

Holy Traffic Stop, Batman!!

By: KewlToday

On March 21, at 10:47 a.m., Montgomery County Police (Maryland) stopped Batman for not displaying his license plate. When Batman showed officers the plate IN his car, they let him fly - after a picture or two. They did not want to make him late for an appearance for kids at a local hospital.

August 23, 2012

Most Crazy Complex Pranks

By: KewlToday

Sometimes we really go out of our way for a good laugh, here's a best of our most crazy complex and spectacular pranks.

August 22, 2012

iPhone Games in Real Life!

By: KewlToday

Ever wondered what your favourite iPhone games might look like in real life?

August 21, 2012

Elders React to Jersey Shore

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August 17, 2012

Epic Win!

By: KewlToday

A cat "outfoxes" a Fox Terrier by riding a surfboard to the other side of the pool.

August 15, 2012

Chaos Relay

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August 13, 2012


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August 12, 2012

Supercar Traffic Jam

By: KewlToday

I apologise for not really knowing what to film! This is the moment 150+ supercars fired up to leave Gurston House to arrive as part of the supercar convoy at this summer's Wilton House event.

August 10, 2012

Griffon Coaster

By: KewlToday

This short HD video shows some of the highlights of the B&M Griffon coaster at Busch Gardens Europe. The weather was dismal so some of the shots are a bit darker thanks to overcast skies.

August 09, 2012

Ready, Steady, Slow!

By: KewlToday

This film was created to celebrate the giant sporting event that has come to London this Summer! Inspired by the great athletes of the world, and particularly the 100m final, the animals of the Simon's Cat books and films have come together for their own garden games. Ready, steady... Slow!

August 06, 2012

Teens react to Salat Fingers

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August 03, 2012

Street Workout

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August 02, 2012

Super Golden Friends

By: KewlToday

What happens when four superfriends retire and move to Miami to share a ranch style home? This is a pilot I'd like to propose to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, if I knew anyone who worked there, and if all the licenses could be obtained.